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The Canyon

25 Jan 2011 7 years ago
Of trip Dahab Discovery.
Dive 8
OF 27

Alien Blood

Entered via an incredibly mirky lagoon at the shore, filled with suspended orange sediments from the heavy rainfalls that occurred the week before we arrived.

Visibility cleared almost immediately as we left the confined water and the bottom started to drop off. Anwar spotted an eagle ray straight away. It cruised past us gently, making a (playful?) loop-the-loop before disappearing from view.

The Canyon is a large crack in the sea floor that runs down to 55m or so. We entered at the top, just near an area known as the Fish Bowl, though that area was closed due to damage from scuba bubbles and instability of the roof there. The crack itself is quite deep and varies in width. I followed Anwar, but after stopping to pose for some (unfortunately blurry -- it was very dark) photos for Rick behind me, I didn't see wheter Anwar ascended to exit the crack, and I went a few metres further, using some falling sand I saw as an indicator. Turns out it was a little more narrow there which was actually pretty fun, though a rock did nearly pull my reg out of my mouth!

This was the deepest dive of the trip. The problems I'd been having with my left ear were getting worse day by day. Once at the bottom, an opaque, luminous green fluid washed across the right lens of my mask, obscuring my view and leaving me a little confused. A few stunned seconds later I realised it was blood (which appears green at that depth because there is little red light left in the sunlight). I failed to communicate this issue with Rick (must learn sign language for blood!) but there was no pain so I just carried on with the dive. When we reached the surface I washed up. I'm not sure whether the bleeding was related to my ear problem or just some capillaries that burst at depth.

I reduced my weights from 8kg to 7kg on this dive, which gave me slightly better stability control across various depths.

dive site operator
Operator :
Dahab Divers
6.1 km from site
Dive Profile
Entry Shore
Time In 09:30
Surface Calm
13.6 m (avg)
34.2 m (max)
55 minutes
Current None
Surge Light
22 °C (water)
210 bar on entry
Regular Air
12 litres Aluminium
7 kg
Exposure Protection
Full Body
5 mm
Miami, Florida