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Log In With Facebook

Posted by Rick Hartley 9 years ago

Today we added the capability to log into Dive Seven using your Facebook account. In the near future, we'll add support for you to publish updates to your Facebook wall when you log dives, IF you want to.

We know that the Facebook "Request for Permission" dialog when you login can be scary. Don't worry. You are our favorite people on the planet and we will do everything we can to keep your trust. Facebook wants you to be aware of what permissions you are granting to third-party sites like Dive Seven. We promise to not abuse those permissions and only need them to do cool things like add a status update about a dive to your wall when YOU ask us to.

Multiple Choices but One Account

Please note that as of right now, you will have to choose ONE way to log in to In other words, if you create your account with Facebook then you will need to log in with Facebook. We do not support multiple authentication such as creating your account with an OpenID from Google and then logging in with Facebook. (For our early adopters in the alpha and beta groups that did not have the Facebook option, send us an email if a Facebook login interests you).

A Few Technical Details if You Are Still Feeling Unsure

So, do you know my Facebook password? My friend got hacked and.......

We've always believed in using trusted authorities such as Google, Yahoo and Facebook to verify that visitors to Dive Seven are who they say they are. The recent spate of website hacking attacks shows exactly why we feel this way -- we don't want your passwords and NO, WE DO NOT HAVE YOUR PASSWORDS! Instead, all we have in our database is a code from Google, Yahoo, Facebook, or another OpenID provider. For the technically curious, it looks something like this:

So when you log into Dive Seven via a trusted service, we ask them 'Is this person who they say they are?' They send us this verification, and we take their word for it. So even if someone were to hack into Dive Seven and steal these codes, they wouldn't be very useful. This keeps your password in ONE single safe location with a large company with a large budget for security professionals. We think this is by far and away the best way. We realize it is can be worrying to "Allow" access to a site but in reality we think this is A LOT safer for you.

We hope this makes you feel a little better about clicking "Allow". If you have any questions or concerns please contact us as

Security is a great concern to our users and we take your accounts and your privacy very seriously.

Create your account now!