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Rethinking the Shark

Posted by Rick Hartley 9 years ago
In keeping with the "toasters are much more dangerous than sharks" theme I came across this campaign called "Rethink the Shark" done by the AfriOceans Conservation Alliance a few years ago.

If you have landed here and are just trying to win a bar bet the answer is that yes, definitively, toasters and "small appliances" in general kill many multiples more people than sharks do. The International Shark Attack File maintained by the Florida Museum of Natural History reports 6 "unprovoked" shark attacks that resulted in deaths in 2010 globally. For 2005-2007, the Consumer Products Safety Commission reports an average of 42 deaths per year from electrocution in the "Consumer Products" category in the US alone.

Update: You can buy t-shirts and stickers with some great "Toaster Jaws" images from our friends at RedBubble.

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