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Introducing the New Dive Seven

Posted by Rick Hartley 9 years ago

We are very pleased to announce the new Dive Seven. Our goal is (with your help) to make Dive Seven the very best place for you to log dives and share those logs with friends and dive buddies.

Seven Things To Do

  1. Take the Tour
    The tour will introduce you to the dive logging page, the search box, the Atlas (which includes Dive Sites from all seven continents), and an introduction to contributing helpful information about Dive Sites and Regions.

  2. Sign In
    Yep, you read that right. You do not have to "sign up" for a Dive Seven account, you just sign in using an account you have already. What sort of internets magic is this you ask? Well, it's called OpenID and we like it a lot. You can see a short introduction at the end of the tour Your next thought is "Hey, I don't want you to have the password to my gmail!!" That's the great part! We don't want it and we do not get it! We let the nice people at Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc. tell us if you are who you say you are, and hey, that's good enough for us.

  3. Search
    We think you will find the search box useful. You can search for Countries (Egypt, Australia, Bahamas), Regions (Dahab, New South Wales, Koh Tao), and Dive Sites (Blue Hole, SS Yongala, Big Brother). Where it gets really fun is if you are trying to find a Dive Site with a common name like Coral Garden (there are more than 40 around the world). You can type coral garden aus and you will see the 3 (for now) 'Coral Garden' sites that our users have entered in Australia. Want to find the Blue Hole in Dahab, Egypt? Something like blue hole egypt or blue hole dahab should get you to the right place.

  4. Log Some Dives
    Try logging some of your dives. Don't worry if you can't find all of the sites you've dived. You can add the Dive Site later.

  5. Add Some Information about Regions or Sites
    If you have some tips, opinions, or advice about a Dive Region then please add it to the page!! If you know the location of a Dive Site that is not in our Atlas, please add it! You can see some examples of contributing information on the tour.

  6. Tell Us About Bugs
    We're still testing and there are going to be links that are broken and things that just are not working like they are supposed to. If you find one of those thing, please let us know. You can send email to or you can click on the handy 'feedback & support' tab on the left side of your browser window.

  7. Tell Us What You Want
    What would you find useful to have on the site? Something missing from the logging page? Want to have 'Login with Facebook'? Want to use Twitter to share your dive logs? Anything you can think of, please let us know. You can enter any requests or ideas using the feedback & support tab or send us an email at

We hope you like what we have done so far and we're anxious to hear what you think. We hope you enjoy the new Dive Seven!