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Dahab Octopuses

Posted by Rick Hartley 10 years ago

Diving in Dahab, Egypt last week and got some very nice video of an octopus on a dive from Rick's Reef to Canyon. Shocked and thrilled to get another nice video the very next day at Gabr el Bint.

Here are some fun facts about octopuses:

  • They have a short lifespan. Some species only live 6 months.
  • The beak is the only hard part of their body.
  • They have three hearts.
  • In some countries octopuses are classified amongst animals where surgery cannot be performed on them without anesthesia. In the UK, octopuses are honorary vertebrates which gives them protections not normally given to invertebrates.
  • They are the only invertebrate shown to use tools (using discarded coconut shells as shelter).
  • An octopus can taste what it touches with its arms.