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Reality TV, Sharks & Toasters

Posted by Rick Hartley 10 years ago
Christine Brown _ Sister Wives _ TLC.jpg

I was reviewing the logs for the DiveSeven site and noticed an unusual jump in traffic for one of my first and favorite posts called "Stuff That Can Kill You (Probably Not a Shark)". It turns out that the post was referenced by a writer at the Columbus (Georgia) Ledger Enquirer covering the premiere of a reality show about polygamists in Utah called "Sister Wives".

Christine, one of the wives (I think she is second from the left in the shot above), apparently refused to use a toaster "because she believes toasters annually kill more people than sharks". Good for you Christine! You are correct (or at least pretty close). As the "Stuff That Can Kill You" post pointed out, the Consumer Product Safety Commission in their "GFCIs Fact Sheet" promoting the use of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters states that there are approximately 300 electrocutions that occur in and around the home (and I assume that this is a US only number). Technically this includes all of the ways to get electrocuted in the home but 'toasters' have caught on as the poster children for this stat. They even show up in the illustration that the CPSC uses.

As for sharks, the typical number of fatal attacks per year is substantially less than 300. The Global Shark Attack File reports just 5 fatal attacks so far in 2010 globally. This is fairly typical as there are usually between 5 and 10 fatal shark attacks around the world each year.

Who knew reality TV was the way to get the word out about sharks....? Thanks Christine.